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Catering service is available for groups of 20 or more people. Meals are served to groups in the Treehouse Dining Area -- a large covered deck overlooking the river. Six meals are provided on a typical weekend starting with Friday's dinner and ending with lunch on Sunday. Vegetarian meals are offered with prior notice. Our extensive orchard provides lots of fresh fruit of all sorts in season.

Breakfast is $15.00 per person, per meal. Lunch is $15.00 per person, per meal. Dinner is $20.00 per person, per meal. A regular weekend stay (Friday to Sunday) is 6 meals at a total of $100.00 per person. A long weekend (one extra day) is 9 meals at a total of $ 150.00 per person. Infants up to 4 years old will not be charged for meals. Children from 5 to 10 years are half price and 11 and older are full fare. View our catered meal choices.

Rates are subject to change without notice. For the most recent rates and to discuss your needs, contact us at (209) 245-4841.